We are a full service companion animal hospital where southern hospitality meets quality veterinary healthcare. Our many services are briefly described below. 
All senior citizens and military personnel receive a 10% discount off all services.
 (excludes medications)
Multiple pet discounts are available.
Routine Care and Preventative Medicine
We are a complete healthcare hospital offering vaccinations, examinations, micro-chipping, and preventative medicine for your furry companions at any stage of life.   Boarding, including large indoor runs and bathing are also available year round for your convenience.  Call us for an appointment today.  To save time you can print and fill out your registration information at home by simply clicking Registration Forms.  
Surgical Procedures
Surgical services include spays for females, neuters for males, dental cleanings, and more. We have a complete surgical suite with a full range of monitoring equipment including EKGs, pulse oximeter (for oxygen readings), respiratory monitors, and various other means to constantly observe the surgical patient throughout the procedure.
All surgery candidates must have a complete physical exam before the procedure is scheduled to ensure the safety of your pet. pre-surgical blood work is recommended, but not required, to detect any health problem or major organ dysfunction prior to the procedure.  Click here  for Surgery Forms.
Veterinary Medical and Hospital Care
Should your four legged family member ever become sick we have specialized knowledge, in-house consultation with our three veterinarians, and a vast assortment of diagnostic tools. We offer diagnostic imaging and radiology, abdominal ultrasound, and echo-cardiograms (specialized imaging of the heart).  
During your appointment, major diagnostic blood test are available with results in minutes for convenient and complete healthcare. More specific or specialized testing from our out-of-house diagnostic lab will provide results within 24 hours in most cases. To ensure faster services and reduce paperwork click here for Registration Forms.
Pharmacy and Home Delivery
Our in-house pharmacy and online pharmacy allows both immediate and convenient ways to obtain your pets medications, including heartworm and flea preventative. Click here to check out our Home Delivery web page, for all your furry companion’s medications and food to be delivered to your home at your convenience. A wide selection of both maintenance and prescription foods are available for home delivery including Hill’s Science Diet, Purina, and Royal Canin diets.  You can also have your pet’s medications, food, flea, and heartworm preventative automatically delivered to your home at the same time each month so you never run out or forget to give it. 
We offer boarding including large indoor runs and bathing. Boarding is done year round and is available for all weekends and holidays. The animals are taken outside in our fenced yard three times daily. Each pet will have fresh clean water available at all times and fed once or twice daily depending on your preference. 
We want all of our patients to continue to be in good health. All animals boarding at our facility must have a record of current vaccinations given within the past 12 months. Dogs are required to have Rabies, Kennel Cough (Bordetella) and DHLPC.  Cats are required to have Rabies, Distemper, and Feline Leukemia. Bathing, examinations, and vaccinations can be requested during the boarding period, as well as surgical procedures. Click here for Boarding Forms.